Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday April 16, 2013
Panama City Marina
  I picked up a rental car this morning and we visited a couple of nearby marinas I had read about to see if we wante to use them on future trips.
  Today two more trawelrs arrived at our dock the people in them are cruising the "Great Loop" this is a trip Up the East coast into the Great Lakes then down the Mississipi, and other rivers down to the Gulf of Mexico at Mobile Bay. When one makes it back to his starting poing the loop is completed it is a good long trip best done in stages over a year or more due to the cold winters and frozen water up North.
Tomorrow we will go to Sarasota FL in the car to visit friends, we will be coming back here on Saturday night continue our boat trip West on Mondy or Tuesday.
I will not be posting updates here until Tuesday the 23rd of April, please come back then!
A couple of todays pictures below:
Two more trawlers, docked in back od Gumbo, arrived today

Sunset over the bay
Sunset over the park memorial, the US Flag  is at half staff to honor the
Boston Marathon bombing victims 

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  1. Tena made it back Monday night, she had a good trip and enjoy it. Call us if possible to meet.

    Ray & Tena