Sunday, January 17, 2010

We are still at The Wharf, the weather has been as predicted, windy and cool but supposed to be nice tomorrow so we'll probably head out then.
This morning when I went below to check the engine oil I found several inches of water in the bilge, I gave it the taste test, it wasn't salty, that's good, it was soapy shower drain water, that's kind of gross to taste but easier to fix. The shower sump pump had corroded and died so the shower drain water was going into the bilge instead of being pumped overboard. I checked the marina store for a pump but no luck, I called around and did locate one at a nearby tackle store. So took a 3 mile walk each way to pick it up and get back to the marina, the installation went fine and I got it finished early in the afternoon so was able to get the TV cable inlet installed and fill the water tank also.
Boaters say the definition of cruising is working on your boat away from home!

We had an early dinner at sport fishing painter Guy Harvey's restaurant next to the marina. The winds are supposed to die down tonight so we'll try for an early start Monday morning

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