Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chocktawhatchee Bay Dolphin jumping Picture was taken through windshield
so is kind of foggy I'll try for some better ones later.

Area of the ICW dug through pine forest, it is called the Grand Canyon
Banks of the "Grand Canyon" erosion is a big problem.
Panama City shipyard seen from the ICW
We left Ft.Walton marina at 7:30 the first bay we went through was the Choctawhatchee Bay
the bay is about 26 miles long so took a good while to cross. I was able to get some pictures of a dolphin jumping near the boat there were lots of them on the way, they remain hard to photograph.
Next we entered a stretch of the ICW cut through pine forests. This is sandy land, the resulting erosion of the banks has made it look like the Grand Canyon and that name has stuck.
We arrived at the St Andrews Marina in Panama City at 3:30, got settled in slip before going to the office and dinner at a nearby restaurant.
A cold front is supposed to come through here tomorrow so we will probably not leave here for Apalachicola till Friday morning, it is a nice place so it won't be a bad stay.
To see a view of Choctawhatchee Bay and our location (the green arrow) there mid morning check the link below:
To see our location at the St Andrews marina see the link below :

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