Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Isle of Skye and Gumbo at Water Street Marina
Apalachicola City Cemetery

One of the B & B's in town

Gibson Inn
It was windy when we left the Port St. Joe Marina this morning it is always a tense few momnts maneouvering among the boats, trying to avoid hitting one while the wind does it's best to shove you at them, but we made it out ok and left the others unscarred.
We were docked at Apalachicola a little after 1PM. Got the boat tied up the went into town for a walk. It is an interesting town with lots of seafood restaurants most with oyster bars The marina gave each boat a coupon for a dozen on the half shell free at the neighboring restaurant. Seafood and tourism are important for the local economy.
The old city Cemetery is an interesting place, there are lots of graves and monument dating back to the mid 1800's. It is sad to see so many children's graves with the inscriptions from greiving parents, yellow fever epidemics struck here several times and caused many deaths. Air conditioning was invented here by a Dr John Gorrie, a local doctor searching for a way to make his fever patients more comfortable, there is a museum dedicated to his work.
We redeemed our oyster coupons and had dinner with the Gills at a restaurant close by.
Conditions look good for our overnight trip to Tarpon Springs, if the weather remains as forecast we plan to leave around 2 PM, travel overnight and arrive Tarpon Springs about 3 or 4 PM Thursday. We'll see how that goes.
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