Friday, January 29, 2010

Tarpon Springs

Gumbo at Tarpon Springs City Marina
Anclote River waterfront

Dodecanese Avenue the main street There is a lot of seafood and sponge fishing activity in Tarpon Springs but tourism seems to be the main business. Dodecanese Avenue is crowded with Greek restaurants and souvenir shops selling sponges, shells and things imported from Greece, there are lots of tourists aorund most of the time. The restaurants we have been to have been very good. We are at the city marina which is right on Dodecanese Av. so there are lots tourists walking by or often sitting on the bench facing our boat It is surprising how many know of Thibodaux and have been there or have family there. Down the street there are quite a few tour boats which take people down the river to the Gulf and put on sponge diving shows. When it is time to board the boats you can hear the hawkers trying to sell the last seats, they get pretty loud and could compete with the ones outside the strip joints on Bourbon Street!
There are no grocery stores or laundromats nearby so we will get a cab tomorrow to get that taken care of.
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  1. Hi Steve,

    Nice boat and nice trip. Sucesso em sua viagem, acompanharemos seu progresso. Abraços dos amigos do Brasil,
    Jack,Denise,Beatriz and Kika
    Tripulação do Trawler Jade