Monday, March 7, 2011

Seabrook Marina to Point Cadet Marina Biloxi, Mississippi

I brought the rental car to Enterprise's office at 7:30 they brought me back to the Marina and we were on the way by 8AM. It is cool, winds from the east about 10 K. We had one Railway bridge to go through to get to the Intracoastal it opened for a boat just ahead of us so no waiting. Just to the East of New Orleans there is a lot of work being done by Corps of Engineers contractors working on Levees, floodgates and seawalls.
There was quite a bit of commercial traffic on the waterway, tows pushing barges in various configurations   We are travelling in the Mississippi Sound, between the barrier islands and the mainland, today the seas were light about 1-2 feet we made good time travelling about 9.3 MPH instead of the usual 8 We had a long way, 80 miles, to go. I saw the first pod of dolphins of the trip this afternoon about 2:30  We arrived at Point Cadet Marina around 5PM. .  the weather forecast doen't look very promising for the next few days but we'll see how it looks in the morning to decide what we do, we might be here a couple of days, if the forecast is correct.

To see our location, the green arrow on this map click this link:,-88.86017&ll=30.38868,-88.86017&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1

Gumbo at Seabrook Marina ready to cast off

Part of the seawall being constructed East of  New Orleans, you can gauge the height by
 comparing it to the dump truck and excavator.

A tow with a "six pack"  two columns of 3 barges lashed together, with the "towboat" pushing

Rabbit Island, this is a popular anchorage in fair weather, at the Rigolets,  35 miles east of New Orleans.

Biloxi's lighthouse on the beach

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  1. Steve and Marsha,
    Well, Tena and I clean your driveway after the parade past and collected four 5-gal buckets of beads and trikets and it was raining on and off. Boy, did we have fun.

    Yes the weather is suppose to be rough tonight similiar to Saturday night. So find a good resturant and do a little fishing.

    Ray and Tena