Thursday, March 31, 2011

Legacy Harbor, Thursday

Another very windy day today, walked into town and to the Publix store a couple of times. This evening there was a boater's potluck dinner at the Palapa by the pool. Every one brought a dish Marsha made Crawfish pasta with some crawfish we brought from home with us. While it has been windy the last few days most of the heavy weather has been passing just North of us but it looks like we may get some of it tonight.
  Cousin Sally asked me about the brown stain on Gumbo's bow, if maybe it was caused by the oil spill. Actually is is what boaters call an "ICW Mustache", caused by  tannin in the water from trees along the Intracoastal Waterway (and other fresh water canals). It is usually cleaned off with toilet bowl cleaner. Gumbo's was cleaned just before this trip but was back after a few days on the ICW.
Miles today 0
Sorry, no pics today

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