Thursday, March 3, 2011

Posted from home pics from Boomtown to Seabrook Marina

A morning shot just before we left Boomtown the two houseboats, tied side by side, were pretty close to us. The crews were nowhere to be seen I know they had a late night at the casino they were pretty loud when they boarded last night, must have been those free drinks!

This is one of my favorite structures in New Orleans, an old power plant just upriver of the city. It is in disrepair now but happily it seems it will be refurbished into an apartment/ shops complex. I hope they keep it as close to the original as possible especially keeping the two smoke stacks

OUCH! Looks like someone got a bit to close to the Crecent City Connection bridge support!

Gumbo in the travelift slings at the Seabrook Marina.
I won't have any posts for the next few days, I hope we will be on the way again Monday morning and will resume then.

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