Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday, Galati Marina to Mid Gulf crossing

Winds are forecast and look to be 5-10 from the NE everything else looks good so we left the Marina at 10:45 AM There was a light chop on the bay, there were lots of pleasure boats out at tah Passage and Egmont Key Islands fishing or enjoying the beach.  We went out the Tampa bay main channel and there were several ships in the distance on their way in or out. The water was almost flat and beautiful shades of blue according to the depth. As usual crab traps floats were all over so a close watch must be kept out for them. They usually stop about 10-15 miles out but today 30 miles out I did see a float with the long rope attached. The trap must have come loose and the line and float drifted off, not a comforting thought that they might be lurking out there where not expected after dark. I do have a line cutter fitted to the prop shaft, but no way of knowing if it is effective or not, either it is and has cut some away or I have just never wrapped one, yet.
We cruised on, had a light dinner and took turns keeping watch, 2-3 hours, the autopilot does most of the work but the current makes slight adjustments needed every so often.  Close watch has to be kept on the radar and for lights of other boats and the few markers out there. Very little was going on tonight a couple of tow boats in the distance was all we saw.
There is a 1/2 moon tonight it is a bit hazy but no clouds around.
Miles today about 100

Edgmont Key Light at the Southern side of the mouth of Tamapa Bay to the Gulf of Mexico

Light blue water about 20 feet deep.

Dark blue water about 50' deep, mid afternoon

Sunset 7:45 PM

Still calm, the best weather we have had for crossing!

To see our location out in the Gulf close to midnight click on the link below, you will probably have to zoom out to get the whole picture.

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