Sunday, April 3, 2011

Marina Jack, Sunday

It was a nice day, clear sky, with East wind 10-15 mph degrees, temps 80-85.
 I washed the boat down, it had gotten quite a bit of salt spray on the two days travel from Ft. Myers. There were two other Monk 36 trawlers at the marina today I met both owners, one spends the winters here living on the boat, his name; George Bush! not the president though.
   Walked around town and the park a bit. Dinner at Sangria, a very good Tapas restaurant downtown, we have eaten there 5 or 6  times on different trips, their tapas have always been great!
Tomorrow I plan to rent a car for a few days, I need to get my Coumadin requirements checked and do some maintenance on the boat as well as visit friends living in the area while we are here.

Boats at the marina with a bit of the Sarasota skyline in the backgound.

Condos overlooking the marina and Sarasota Bay.

Gumbo looks pretty tiny next to MV Determination the yacht in the slip next to us. Determination has strong underwater lights turned on at night, they attract lots of fish. Last night there were several nice sized speckled trout hanging around there. The Marina has several restaurants and a bar in the green glassed building behind the boats.

There are lots of these bright yellow trees blooming in Florida now, I believe they are called Yellow Trumpet Trees.

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