Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, Tarpon Springs to Clearwater

Don't worry about the winds we're tied up to some really
strong pilings here. The Anclote Key Lighthouse

Cold ride in a cat on the ICW

Mandalay Channel Anchorage in Clearwater, FL

Empty Clearwater condos with boat hoists We gathered up our gear and left Tarpon Springs at 9:30 Monday morning, it was overcast,
52 degrees, and winds 10-15. Not a nice day but most of the route is between the barrier islands and the mainland so was choppy but not rough.
There weren't many boats out we met a couple of yachts and a large but open sail catamaran motoring North, the guys onboard were really bundled up for the cold.
Just before the Clearwarter bridge we turned off the ICW down a cut to the Mandalay Channel where we are anchored. It is a good spot the tall buildings block most the wind and there is a dock nearby where you can tie up for a while provided you eat at Frenchy's, the restaurant that owns it. There are lots of condos in the area but it seems the occupancy rate must be low, lots of dark spaces at night. We are anchored in front of a nice new building it look to have about 20 units with a boat hoist for each one only one unit is lit and that light is on night and day so it be a display unit.
We plan to leave here for Tierra Verde Wednesday morning.
Click on the link below to see our location, under the green arrow at Mandalay Channel in Clearwater.

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