Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Clearwater to Tierra verde

One of the many spoil Islands along the ICW
High and dry, maybe since the last hurricane
Marsha with Dot and Ed Sved Fort DeSoto Park

Gumbo in slip, taken from Sved's balcony Today dawned a beautiful day, cool but soon warmed up, sunny, and a light breeze. It got pretty windy last night so the anchor well buried and tooks some pulling to get it out, but that is just what you want an anchor to do. We started out of Mandalay Channel at 9:50 everything was going fine till 10:20 when we went aground heading to the ICW, no excuses, the Captain was daydreaming and tried to take a marker on the wrong side! Fortunately it was a sand bottom and after about 5 minutes of maneovering we were free and back on our way to Tierra Verde. We did go under about 6 bridges all were higher than our 20' mast so we had no delays waiting for bridge openings.
Our friends and fellow Monk 36 trawler owners Dot and Ed Sved owners of MV Almada were able go organize a slip for us at the docks in front of their condo in Tierra Verde, a beautiful area east of St Petersburg. We arrived their dock around 2PM they were there to show us the slip and help us get tied up. Then they brought us to the Fort DeSoto Park near the mouth of Tampa Bay it is a beautiful area with lots of birds and shells on the beach. After the visit to the park we spent some time checking the boats and modifications both have done to them. Then had a wonderfull meal at their condo. A very nice visit, Thanks Dot and Ed!
Tomorrow morning we will head out for Sarasota.
To see our location in Tierra Verde click on the link below or cut and paste it

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