Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Apartment buildings near Marian Jack
Gumbo's new location

Marina restaurant and Sarasota skylineToday it is clear, a little breezy and the temperature in the mid 50's it is terrible to have to be wearing a jacket around in Florida this time of year .
This morning I walked up to the hardware store in town for a tap and drill bit I needed, it is a good store lots tools and supplies but in an odd location, it is right on the main street in the middle of about twenty restaurants and high end clothing and gift shops.
An interesting theing happened this morning, I was standing out on the dock by the boat when two Mennonite couples walked by they asked some questions about boating and we talked a while, I told them that in the mid 70s when I was working we had hired a group of Mennonites to do a land leveling project at a sugar plantation in Mozambique, Africa. They knew about the project and even had known some of the people we had hired for the job, amazing!
After lunch we drove to visit Marsha's uncle and a cousin who are spending the winter in a condo at Siesta Key, not far from here, we dropped off some Gumbo and white beans so he could have some Cajun food.
The last time I anchored our I had some trouble with the anchor chain jamming in the chain locker so I did some work there to try to solve that problem, we'll find out if it was successful next time we anchor out.
We had dinner at the marina restaurant with Berwick Duval.


  1. Olá Steve,

    Como foi de CArnaval? Pelo jeito o frio da Florida não quer ir embora!!! Abraços,
    Trawler Jade's Crew

  2. What's with this weather? We're sitting here in Key West with the heat on. We found a boatyard that has some liveaboard slips for $9/ft/mo so we're tied up for awhile enjoying Key West. Downtown is about a 40 minute bike ride away. Marathon has a more active boating scene, but there's a lot more to do here, more restaurants etc. We think we will get some more work done on he scow and then make a trip out to the Dry Tortugas. Are you guys ever going to catch up with us?