Friday, February 19, 2010

Excitement at Marina Jack

Crime Scene and Forensics Units of the Sarasota police Department When I got back to the marina this morning from returning the rental car I found some excitement at the marina, a man's body was found floating in the bay not far from here, the police boat brought the body to the marina to load it into the ambulance, Police cars and other emergency vehicles were in and out of the marina all morning.
I had requested a Vessel Safety Check inspection from the Coast Guard Auxiliary, one of the members came by and did the check just before lunch, everything checked out fine.
After the VSC I sanded both sides of the handrails and varnished the port side. I'll do the Starboard side tomorrrow if the weather is ok.
A couple of my friends from grade school in Puerto Rico came by in the evening for a visit. One of them I hadn't seen since 1962.

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