Sunday, April 15, 2018

Seabrook Marina to Gulfport Harbor MS.

March 23, 2018 Friday Seabrook to Gulfport, MS Clear, cool , light breeze 70 miles today

We departed Seabrook Marina at 7:30 AM  we had a 25 min wait for the RR bridge to open, a train was shuffling cars. Once through there we entered the ICW, we passed through the huge post Katrina floodgate project, the Rigolets, and on to the Mississippi Sound. There was a light chop there in the morning, it picked up to 1-2 foot chop in the afternoon, very nice conditions. We arrived in Gulfport Harbor about 4 pm. Kevin had given me the name of a mechanic he knew there I called him and asked him to come by and have a look at the belt and pulleys on the engine to see what he thought about the dust. He did and said the pulleys looked in line and that the dust did not seem excessive to him, that it should be OK to run like that, so we will, keeping a close watch on it. 
We had dinner onboard.
Gulfport Harbor, a very nice marina, and town, Gumbo is the first boat on the right.

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