Sunday, April 15, 2018

March 22, 2018  Thursday  Boomtown to Seabrook Marina New Orleans,  15 miles

We departed Boomtown 9:15 AM clear, cool weather, light breeze. We had about a 2 hour wait to enter Harvey lock as there were several tows (tugs with barges) ahead of us. We locked up, the lockmaster said 17' usually it is about 10', and through then entered the Mississippi it was the highest we have ever seen it  and flowing very fast with lots of logs and other wood debris swirling around. It was a rough trip down the approx. 5 miles to the Industrial lock on the east side of the river, once there we had a short, 20 min., wait as a vessel exited the lock. We entered and were lowered into the ICW/ Industrial canal. We moved on to Seabrook Marina a couple of miles east where we docked  for the night. There is a restaurant next door so we walked over for dinner..
     I am finding belt dust from the main, Cummins, engine serpentine belt when there is usually none. I had to replace the belt tensioner the last time we were out in the boat it seems to be operating OK, all gauges are registering normal, this belt drives the water pump so I'm keeping watch on water temp especially. I have spares so changed the belt which shows no sign of wear. 
Entrance to Harvey Lock, closest is a highway bridge, then the RR bridge, up unless train nearby, on the far side is the lock and the Mississippi River. While waiting we were tied to a small barge on the right.

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