Sunday, April 15, 2018

March 21, 2018 Wed.   Houma to Boomtown Casino, 52 miles

  We left our slip at 9 AM, A nice clear day light breeze. I noticed a slight vibration once we got going it wasn't too bad but I worried it might get worse. So I called around and Kevin was able to locate someone who knew of a diver who could take a look at it  as we passed on our way through Larose. On arriving in Larose we pulled over to the ICW bulkhead and tied up, not long after the diver arrived, got suited up and went in for a look. It turned out it was not a plastic bag or rope as I thought but an growth of barnacles on a couple of the prop lobes that were causing the off balance vibration. So, after much scraping and banging the diver surfaced  we paid him and kept on our way now vibration free.
There was not too much traffic on the ICW , it is a slack period for the oil industry.
We arrived at the bulkhead at Boomtown Casino about 6 pm the bulkhead has deteriorated over the years and it took a while to find a good spot, eventually we did and got tied up and had dinner at the casino then back to the boat for the night.
Boomtown is a good spot to overnight it is about only about 5 miles from the Harvey Locks we will have to lock down into the Mississippi river tomorrow morning.

Leaving Tropical Harbor Marina in Houma, La. This canal leads to the Intracoastal Waterway

Sunset over the ICW from the Bulkhead at Boomtown Casino.

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