Monday, March 8, 2010

Goodlands, Marco Island to Little Shark River

We had nice calm water today
This Dolphin had his dorsal fin sliced by a boat propeller.

We shared the Little Shark River anchorage with several sailboats

Sunset through mangroves stripped bare by the hurricanes We left the Goodlands area anchorage at 9AM the weather was very nice, warm, light breeze from the North and sunny. The tide was quite low and we went through some shallow spots on our way to the gulf through Coon Pass and Gulivan Bay. Everything went fine on the way down the coast and we arrived at Little Shark River at 3:15 PM. The water depths in the Gulf on the way down and in the anchorage were good, usually around 8 feet. One sailboat was there when we arrived and several more arrived after us. The little Shark River is in the Everglades Park there is no development for miles so it is pitch black at night till the stars come out they really shine there with no "light pollution" around.
To see our location click on the link below or cut and paste to your browser

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