Monday, April 12, 2010

Gano's dock to Hogtown Bayou

Leaving Fanning Bayou, the location of Gano's dock, headed for West Bay
Ospreys build huge nests, usually as high as possible off the ground.

A section of the Intracoastal with good stands of tall pine trees on either side.

Hogtown Bayou, today's anchor spot about 10 miles from Sandestin

Not a bad sunset for a place named Hogtown Bayou

This morning we went up to the Gano's for a cup of coffee and to say goodbye, we watched a bit of morning news on TV, no good news! They were saying this years taxes will be looked on as "the good old days"! Doesn't sound good for the future.
They helped us cast off from their dock about 9:30 for another very nice day on the water, we joined the Intracoastal again at mile 280, that is the number of miles east of the Harvey, LA lock into the Mississippi River, for example Apalachicola is near mile 350. We transited several bays, lakes and a long section of man made canal.
About 2 PM we arrived at Hogtown Bayou and put the anchor down. It took two tries, there are lots of oyster shells on the bottom here, they interfere with getting a good, deep, anchor set. It got quite windy during the afternoon but calmed down around sunset.
Tomorrow we will have a short run to Baytown Marina which serves Sandestin, we plan to leave there Thursday.
To see our location, the green arrow, at Hogtown Bayou click on the link below:

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